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Vox Urbane is a professional vocal ensemble with diversity at its heart. The co-founders: Dan Ludford-Thomas and Helen Meyerhoff, have worked professionally in classical music collectively for more than fifty years. They have a vision in which all aspiring and gifted musicians regardless of background, can see a tangible and exciting future for themselves as performers, conductors and composers. Vox Urbane performs canonical repertoire, whilst also introducing new works to recontextualise and make relevant choral music for new and developing audiences. Its team of professional singers have been selected to represent its core values and are artists of the highest calibre.


In tandem with an agenda of creating new works and generating a platform for singers and musicians of diversity, Vox Urbane seeks to nurture a new wave of classical talent.


Vox Urbane is unique. Whilst there are already instrumental groups with comparable missions, no other vocal ensembles exist which fulfil this purpose.

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