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Our Singers

Tenor / Baritone

miles dahan he/him

I attended King’s College London reading music, with a choral scholarship. Following my graduation I specialised in advancing the musical education of my beloved London Jewish Community. Through this endeavour, I was elected to positions including Director of Youth Music at the Belsize Square Synagogue, Vocal Specialist at Hasmonean High School for Boys, Classroom Music Teacher at Simon Marks Jewish Primary School. I also began my own consultancy practice set up with other well-established specialists. 


I have consistently advanced the reach of European and Middle-Eastern (MENA) Jewish Music through performances with Mosaic Voices (the resident choir of the New West End Synagogue in London), the Rinah Ensemble, and the Neimah Choir. These include performances alongside celebrated singers and personalities such as Shulem Lemmer.


I am committed to bringing Jewish music to a wider audience. My involvement with Vox Urbane is built upon a firm belief that peoples of all kinds can find joy, sing together, and share in every culture for the greater good of community.

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