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Our Singers


Ben Miller
- he/him

I am a Tenor studying for a PhD in experimental physics at King’s College London while also beginning my professional singing career.

I began singing at the age of 7, later getting a choral scholarship to secondary school where I really fell in love with singing, particularly during my final two years.

At Imperial College I received the Ash Music Scholarship which allowed me to have singing lessons at the Royal College of Music while studying for my master’s in physics. Currently I sing with the KCL chapel choir as well as part of a professional quintet at St John’s Notting Hill.

Living in London my entire life, the difference between the people I meet daily and the people I sing with can be painfully stark. As the son of a British father and a Trinidadian mother, I am delighted to be part of a musical movement that reflects the diversity and inclusion I would like to see in the world of classical music.

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