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The Guardian

'a different, diverse perspective'

'the ensemble clean, the balance pristine'

'The slippery harmonies of the fiendish eight-movement Figure Humaine by Poulenc..were dispatched with stylish assurance'


'impresses and inspires'

The guardian

On Vox Next Gen


'Hearing singing this polished from a mainly student group, outside the context of a university chapel felt, finally, genuinely, different'


'an auspicious launch for an important and accomplished new voice on the choral scene'

musical America

'Vox Urbane is remarkable for its commitment to diversity and inclusion...It also hapens to be very good.'

'with Vox you hear every note quite clearly, yet such is the control, aural acuity, and sensitivity of each singer that the blend holds true. It's not the neutral, homogenous sound that some ensembles strive for, but it's rich-grained and compelling, with a punchiness that can rise to an exhilarating fortissimo'

musical america

on vox next gen

'The eight members of Vox Next Gen...made a terrific splash with Ludford-Thomas's Folksongs of These Islands. Challenging, varied, and hugely engaging as these arrangements were, the young singers never flinched.'


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