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What they said:

We had professional singers of: different races and religions, different gender identities, the neurodiverse, the previously fostered, disadvantaged backgrounds, the private and state educated – all in one choir

VU singer

Thank you so much for inviting us to the launch concert last Sunday, we all enjoyed it immensely.  The singing was stunning, and Helen brilliantly articulated your mission, especially how you are looking to inspire and nurture the next generation of singers of diversity.


There were many musical highlights for us, but in particular we’d call out the Poulenc with its amazing soprano top note, Turtle Dove with that great young tenor solo, the alto solo in Run Away, and the final performances of Room for All and One, both of which exemplify your mission so well.  The variety of the music, the involvement of the composers, and the atmospheric venue all added to make it a remarkable occasion.



We really enjoyed meeting the singers and trustees, and were very impressed with your Next Gen cohort who all showed remarkable maturity and presence.

Audience member


I just wanted to say that I found Sunday's concert hugely uplifting.  There was a really positive atmosphere in the chapel which seemed to be coming from both the singers and the audience (could have been the free bubbly too).  The fact that there's a mission behind the group made the performance more meaningful.


I found myself getting quite emotional during the Next Gen set, especially that lad who sang the solo in The Turtle Dove - he has such an emotive voice.

VU singer

What a special evening in Peckham on Sunday. I’ve been reliving it over the past few days - the positive welcome and energy in the room, the fantastic programme and singing, with control and finesse but something visceral, grounded, warm and colourful. I particularly loved how varied the repertoire was, the message it carried and its distance from church music, which was refreshing to say the least. And the Next Gen group was in a way the most powerful part of it. In a time of uncertainty for choral music, it was encouraging to see what the future could look like and I can’t wait to see where you take things from here.

Audience member


It was really transformative for me…I felt like I was welcoming an audience to my/our space, which was just such a powerful, emotional and wonderful feeling. It felt like the time I first went to a trans pride event, the feeling of “yes, this is how it should feel”. Thank you for setting up this group, what you’re doing is amazing.

VU singer

Congratulations again on your wonderful launch concert for Vox Urbane last week! You picked such a great venue, the acoustics were so impressive and of course all the singers were extraordinary. (The soloist in the Next Gen singers, was that Olisaemeka Aghadiuno? He was incredible – what a voice!!) 


Your passion for the project and Helen's beautiful speech came across so well. I came away really moved by the whole thing.

Audience member

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